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Smart Also Means Secure

By |May 24, 2021|

At SmartMov, we take security seriously and so does our partner, Plaid. Linking your bank accounts is an important part of the SmartMov experience as it allows you turn your smart financial moves into realized goals! We keep minimal information about your account to identify it with our partner services and ensure you are the owner of all of the accounts you link and able to utilize our services. What [...]

The Genesis of SmartMov

By |May 4, 2021|

I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur and began doing odd jobs and side-hustles at a young age. When I was eleven, my little sister and I went door-to-door selling wood blocks with nails in them. We had played with a similar “toy” at school. You could make geometric shapes and other designs with rubber bands around the nails. We found old boards of various sizes and shapes around [...]

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