SmartMov Simplifies Savings

We all make smart decisions in our everyday lives to spend less and earn more. 

We save a few pennies here and a few dollars there.

We sell a few unused items or free up some cash by paying off a debt.

Then, we blindly spend those extra dollars with no thought given to moving them to savings.

Our FREE one-of-a-kind tool makes it easy to actually save them with just a few clicks!

SmartMov enables you to set, track and make progress towards your saving and investing goals by allowing you to securely transfer between your existing financial accounts.

Join a community where you’ll share your successes, provide encouragement to others and discover how others are saving and hustling, too!


SmartMov Features

  • SmartMov isn’t tied to any specific bank or investment institution
  • As long as your accounts offer online transfers, we can connect them
  • Set transfers on any schedule that works for you… daily, weekly, monthly or custom
  • Pick any date you want to start and end
  • Saved $10 dollars on FREE shipping? Move that $10 to savings seamlessly
  • SmartMov connects your checking or spending account with all of your savings and investment accounts including traditional savings, high-yield savings, retirement/IRA, education, investments, credit union and more
  • Set up goals (or separate buckets) for your transfers, such as vacation, Christmas gifts and emergencies
  • Every transfer towards each goal is tracked and you can see a snapshot of your progress
  • Exchange coupon codes and offers
  • Offer and receive encouragement through likes and comments
  • Search and explore how others are saving
  • Learn new ways to reach your goals
  • Explore new savings accounts and maximize the interest paid within one APP

SmartMov Digital Wallet

One Safe and Secure APP for All of Your Accounts –
Even with Different Banks and Brokerage Firms

SmartMov Opportunities

What Opportunities Do You Have to Spend Less or Earn More?
Make the SmartMov by Moving Those Dollars to Savings!