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SmartMov is the free app designed to help you reach your financial goals while still living a fulfilling life. Get smart about your money without cutting out joy.

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Group 19 enables you to set, track and make progress

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towards your saving and investing goals by allowing you to securely transfer between your existing financial accounts so you can milk your money for all it’s worth.

Want to save for a vacation, a car, a new roof, or just to feel a little more comfortable about your future?

SmartMov helps you make a big difference with small actions by finding easy opportunities to spend less and save more.


Setup In Minutes

Connect your accounts with a tap of a button! Once you are connected, you can:

Get Rewarded

Have fun while saving! Earn points and complete challenges to receive rewards.
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A Whole Herd To Cheer You On

No one can do it alone! With the SmartMov community, you might actually have a little fun while reaching your money goals.

Be Confident In Your Financial Decisions

Build your financial knowledge and feel good about your choices. SmartMov empowers you to spend more on the stuff that brings you joy and cut out the wasted spend on the unnecessary so you can be onto greener pastures.
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Financial Coaches At Your Fingertips

Search and review financial coaches right in the app. Find the perfect fit so you can have an expert in your corner.

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